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Contemporary hotels, mouth-watering international cuisine, and cobblestone streets mingle with picturesque mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.  You’re on your way to Puerto Vallarta.

Simply provide your email address to download the Puerto Vallarta edition of our digital travel magazine. It’s filled with top ten recommendations for the best of Puerto Vallarta in 2021, including restaurants and dining, local landmarks, hikes and beaches, accommodations, and more.

Puerto Vallarta is a bright and colorful city with elements of Mexican history as well as a blend of modern international culture. You can find a little taste of practically everything in this charming town on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It’s a safe town with stylish hotels and resorts, friendly locals, and many international travelers.

It’s a culture-infused city where you can taste cuisine from all around the world, spot lizards as you’re strolling down quaint cobblestone streets, and easily travel by foot from one colorful region to another. Mountain and waterfall hikes will take you to the best sweeping views, and sparkling beaches will fill your afternoons with relaxation.

We put together a 25-page digital travel magazine that will guide you through all the top recommendations and attractions.

Download the Puerto Vallarta guide here:


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